Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

14 projects for 2014

This year my resolution is to do something to fix all of the things that bug me or I gripe about.  I thought taking care of 14 things seemed reasonable in a year's time.  Here is the list...

1.  Put pictures in the frames in the hallway. (frames have been up for about 2 years, no pictures)
2.  Clean out the cupboard full of rummage sale glasses and buy one nice set that all fits in the cupboard.
3.  Clean out the old art closet that the girls no longer use, to make room for other things we actually
     do use.
4.  Tag at least 100 items for the spring resale.
5.  Tag at least 100 items for the fall resale.
6.  Make the sweatshirt pillowcases from all of my old school t shirts.
7.  Organize the craft supplies in my storage closet.
8.  File the paperwork stacked next to my filing cabinet at last.
9.  Redo the large bathroom (paint, shower curtain, towels, rugs)
10.  photograph the girls' artwork that I have stacked in the basement and create photobooks for them.
11.  Get 3 pieces of artwork framed and on the wall.
12.  Clean and organize the desk in the office.
13.  Clean and organize the area surrounding the desk in the office.
14.  Sew ornaments made from my mom's housecoat for my brothers and sisters.

For each item I complete, big or small I am going to credit myself $10.  By the end of the year I am going to put the (hopefully) $140 towards buying a pair of fancy ballroom dancing shoes!

Cha  Cha Cha!

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